McAfee To Reimburse Windows Systems They Broke

After McAfee broke PCs running Windows XP SP3 with their antivirus last Wednesday, they are reimbursing the cost of the expenses to get the machines back up and running at a “reasonable expense”. Last Wednesday when McAfee released a bad update to Windows SP3 users, the update detected and deleted the svchost.exe file, a critical system file. Resulting in the computer constantly restarting. For more info see the earlier blog post. McAfee recently released a statement saying they apologize for the “one of a small percentage” of the systems that was running their antivirus software.

They added information about getting the systems affected by calling their toll free support number. If that is a problem, they added information on how to retrieve a download link to fix it or to express ship a CD with the software to fix the problem for the PC they infected. More information is at the site.

They also are reimbursing the PC they broke who incurred cost to repair the PC at a reasonable expense, like a local tech support specialist.

Also, they are giving a additional 2-year extensions to the accounts whose PC they broke at no charge, which will appear in the next 30 days on their account.