iChat for iPhone?

With the leak of the iPhone 4G, many people are hoping that there will actually be a front-facing camera for the possibility of facial recognition or video chat.

It’d be great if the iPhone had the front-facing camera!  You could talk to friends and family if you’re on the go, but want to use video chat.  And, with multitasking coming in iPhone OS 4, you might be able to use desktop apps, and standard buddy lists.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple had a VoIP app with the front-facing camera, but I could also see where they wouldn’t like it.  Especially since in iChat, you can use it for text-text, and that’ll mean either they’ll want you to pay, or they’ll lose money from people using that instead of text messaging.  Maybe, they’ll have voice calling too?  But, with AT&T, I’m not sure if they could handle all the bandwidth usage.

Hopefully, if Apple doesn’t, Skype will.  It’d be a great feature, especially with the multitasking in iPhone OS 4.  You could answer text messages; receive voice/video calls when you’re browsing the web, etc.