New Twitter App Review

New Twitter App Review

Today Twitter is rolling out a new design that makes it look completely different and more like a social network than a microblogging service. The new design doesn’t just cover but rolls over into their mobile app and even TweetDeck. It looks like Twitter is creating a unified look for all its applications, and it’s looking great.

Twitter released a video to explain about the new redesign and the three new buttons they are introducing. Integrated into the Twitter apps is three new buttons, Home, @Connect and #Discover. @Connect is your home page for everyone who has mentioned anything to you and includes Twitter accounts that you might want to follow. #Discover is their trending page which shows off the trending and notable hashtags and stories as well as videos.

The biggest difference is the layout and the major renovation to the way Tweets appear. They are now on the right hand side and take up less space than they used to.

With that Twitter has taken their redesign to their apps including their mobile app on both iPhone and Android.

Thanks to Anthony ( for filling in for Craighton for the last audio segment.