New York Times Paywall Revealed

This story has been in the making for quite some time, The New York Times has always spoken of this change and not it has come into reality to take news to the next level.

Starting off in Canada on March 17, and opening March 28 in the U.S. and everywhere else, frequent readers of the online version will have to start to pay for a subscription package. If you read more than 20 articles per month on the New York Times website you will be greeted with a message to pay for a subscription plan to have unlimited access to all the articles on the New York Times site.

The subscription packages are as follows:

  • $15 for four weeks of access to and a mobile phone app.
  • $20 for four weeks of access to and its iPad app.
  • $35 for four weeks of access to all the above.

Additionally, print subscribers to the New York Times and International Herald Tribune will continue to have full access to all the digital content on the site at no additional charge to the customer.

For those who do not wish to pay for the subscription fee, they will be able to read all front page stories and up to 20 additional articles per month. Users on mobile phones will only be able to read the “Top News” section without having to pay as well. For users who frequently search the New York Times site, they will be limited to five searches per day to articles that they are looking for, even if they go over their 20 article limit.

For users who subscribe by using Amazon Kindle Store and Barnes & Nobe Nook devices, those subscripts will be sold separately and do not incur this limit.

“The challenge now is to put a price on our work without walling ourselves off from the global network, to make sure we continue to engage with the widest possible audience,” chairman of The New York Times Company, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., said in a statement.

Users have been in an uproar since the announcement earlier today, many of the back lash statements having to do with advertisements. Even if a user pays for a subscription package they annoying cluttered ads will always remain on the site to distract and cover articles.

For any questions about the new access program consult or the new FAQ section on the site.