The New YouTube Comment System SUCKS

The New YouTube Comment System SUCKS

With the recent release of YouTube’s new commenting system, people having been raging and complaining up and down about the new system.

I will admit that the new commenting system makes huge improvements to the old commenting system. Better threaded comments and actual mentioning is something that makes me very happy. One huge thing that everyone who comments on YouTube videos is the ability to have threaded comments and conversations that they can follow. As for mentioning, thank you, thank you, thank you YouTube. There has been no direct way for mentioning people in comments and the new system implements what Google+ already has going with being able to +mention any user.

But, and that’s a very huge but. The one thing that I and everyone else cannot get over, you must use your Google+ account to comment. Google is quite literally forcing that huge YouTube community to use their real names and faces on YouTube. Where the community thrives on anonymity and being able to use their pseudonyms.

I can almost guarantee that if you look at a total YouTube comments graph from before the change and six months after the change. The total comments will plunge down into the ground, hard.

A lot of the creators who are in an outrage have now banded together and disabled all comments on their channels in a protest to what YouTube is now doing. And if you’d like to join in, below you’ll find a video on how to disable comments.