Obi110 VOIP Box [REVIEW]

Obi110 VOIP Box [REVIEW]

Like all other VOIP boxes, The OBi110 is the standard VOIP Box that has more known advantage that it does better than other VOIP boxes; it does connects directly to Google Voice.

What is VOIP?

Before we dive into the OBi100, lets review the term VOIP. VOIP is the acronym for the term, Voice Over Internet Protocol. What it does is it uses your high speed DSL, Cable, Fiber, and possibly 3G service to make standard telephone calls to other people. A VOIP box converts your standard twisted pair telephone cable to Ethernet in which it connects to your high-speed modem and out to a VOIP service through protocols and standards; usually SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) or H.323. Most popular form of VOIP is Skype of Vonage.


The OBi110 box is a great addition to your standard telephone or even your dedicated VOIP service. It can attach two SIP service with the addition to your standard telephone service and a OBi line to connect with other OBi users. Obi has detailed instructions and videos on setting up your OBi box at with the most popular tutorial setting up Google Voice


Some of the pros that as long as Google is giving free service year after year, your service will be free after you paid for the box.

The setup was rather easy to set up as they have full tutorial and video on setting up your OBi box.

With the OBi110 you can add two service lines in addition to your traditional phone line and you can choose the default calling method between the two VOIP service line or the traditional telephone line. Also, you can switch which telephone service to use by pressing “**(service number upon setting up the device)”

Their support line was rather quick. When I noticed that the MAC Adress and serial was not the same as the OBi information as shown on their web configuration, I contacted their support line through email. They responded in less than three our even though my initial email was sent during the holiday time. After some back and forward emails, OBi has sent a replacement sticker to replace the faulty information sticker on the box.


Some of the problems I reached was that when I initially set up the service on their site, the pairing took rather some time as the web page kept saying that there was an error after applying the codes; and the site web service went down during that time. Though after the site went back up, the setup was fine and I was able to quickly run through the steps in no time.

Like most VOIP service, this does not replace your emergency 911 service. As they shown on the box, the device should not be replaced for standard line for 911.

When I am making/receiving a call from the traditional telephone line, the phones that are connected to the OBi box is 2 seconds slower (about one ring) than telephones connected straight through the standard line. (not so much of a problem, just that the box has to switch which line to take in/out)

Compared to other VOIP boxes I used before, this box quite frequently pings out to the service. Every 1-2 seconds, I can see some network activity from the VOIP box.


The box is a good addition to your standard telephone. For $50 you can just pay for local telephone service and use the OBi service with Google Voice to make free long distance calls anywhere in the United States and Canada. In a matter of months, the amount of money you save will cover the cost to buy the box. Great if you want to be frugal and make calls.

You can get the OBi 110 box on Amazon or the OBi100 (which does not have a telephone line port) box for $5 less.