OCZ Vertex 4 SSD Review


Sent to us on review we have the OCZ Vertex 4, the latest in the line of solid state drives from OCZ the Vertex 4 has many changes and improvements upon the highly acclaimed Vertex 3. One of the biggest changes to the Vertex 4 series is the controller that OCZ has decided to go with. Instead of using the popular Sandforce SSD controller, OCZ decided to go with a new controller, Indilinx. Along with the controller improvements, the Vertex 4 improves on the Vertex 3 in many way accelerating speeds and responsiveness.

When testing this drive in our testing machine we found a huge improvement over not only boot times but overal usefulness of the computer. This drive is a SATA III drive which also means that it’s a 6Gb/s drive that will give you the fastest possible speeds over this drive. The Vertex 4 takes read and write performance seriously, even out preforming the latest Intel and Samsung SSDs. The switch to Indilinx is clear, this drive is able to deliver consistent performance regardless of anything that we could throw at it.

While the drive preforms well there’s only one minor thing that we want to point out if you’re really geeky about your SSDs. We did experience a little roughness with the garbage collection algorithm and could use a little bit better coding when managing that garbage collection. This, again, is no huge concern that would keep you from buying this solid state drive but something to keep aware if you are a heavy user going through a lot of data.

Overall we’re very happy with this SSD and takes the cake in most of the areas where we tested solid disk drives, although the Vertex 4 could preform better in the writing sector it’s still better than any hard disk drive and is adequate for the price and what you’re getting. Coming in with a 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacity, you’re sure to find the right drive for you.