Official Steve Jobs's Biography Coming Early 2012

Steve Jobs official biography, iSteve: The Book of Jobs, written by Walter Isaacon (writer of biographies of Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, former CEO of CNN and editor of Time Magazine), has been announced by Simon & Schuster (part of the CBS corporation) to debut next year.

Since 2009, Walter said that he was able to get access to Steve Jobs, his family, his colleagues, and Apple to write his book. Currently Walter has not said anything about the contents of the book. Jonathan Karp, Simon & Schuster Publisher, said in a statement,

“This is the perfect match of subject and author, and it is certain to be a landmark book about one of the world’s greatest innovators. Just as he did with Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, Walter Isaacson is telling a unique story of revolutionary genius.”

Though the only official biography is planned to be released next year, there has been other unofficial biography about Steve Jobs written years before. Books like iCon: Steve Jobs (released on May 23, 2005) and The Second Coming of Steve Jobs (released on October 10, 2000) has been published. Though they talk about Steve’s past, they do not paint a complete picture of his past.

We’ll have to see what more info the book will reveal about Steve Jobs. Expect the book to be released in the early 2012.