Stroodle iPhone App Review

By now a large amount of people own either an iPhone or iPod touch, with that they probably have started to find their favorite apps. The most popular apps on the iOS platform happen to be Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For most power users of the application it becomes tough when trying to switch between these apps and follow conversations between all the apps.

Stroodle does just that, it brings all the features and conversation pieces of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into one simple application. This is the first free application that combines multiple services into a very nice and clean user layout. It is the best full featured application that I can find in the iTunes app store.

The UI is clean and allows a user to view a combination of their connected accounts or look at each service individually. By clicking on a status message the user can interact with it and if using Twitter they can Retweet, Reply or Favorite the tweet. Facebook users can Like, Comment or post on their Wall as well as view comments on the post already. For users using LinkedIn on the status update they can “Like”, Reply and Message the users update to interact with it.

The only limitation of the app is that it is ad-supported and by a requirement of the app it will post an advertisement for the app as your first update from the app. But, it is only a small downside to how powerful the app really is. Being able to cross-post updates to the three sites and being able to bring almost everything you need to interact with people in the app is amazing and puts this app above the rest.

As far as I know Stroodle will not send you any push notifications if you are mentioned or messaged from one of the services but for the power user of any one of these services it will be your charm to get you through the social media mess.

Download and try it now for free from the iTunes app store.