Verizon Terminates 1-Year Contracts

Verizon customers hoping to sign a one-year contract, as opposed to the standard 2-year contract will be left with no option now but to go with a 2-year contract. Verizon has confirmed that it will be eliminating its one-year contract option as of April 17.

Verizon says that this change is taking place because a “majority of customers sign up for a two-year contract.”

The nation’s biggest wireless network AT&T previously offered customers the option to sign a one-year contract and extension off of the standard 2-year agreement. Although, customers who opted for the 1-year contract are still able to purchase new equipment at a discount, but will face a lesser discount than the 2-year agreements.

Verizon still has their contract-free month-to-month plans which is still available to consumers.

Some speculators say that Verizon may be introducing a month-to-month prepaid plan that offers customers unlimited voice and text for $50 a month. If a customer wishes to add data to that package it will cost and extra $30 per month for unlimited data.

This is a very smart move for Verizon when AT&T just recently increased its early-upgrade price on some of its smartphones and feature phones that include the ever popular iPhone.

The question that I have to ask the community is, do you or anyone you know use the Verizon 1-year plan?