On Modern Gaming: Kinetic Control

In a few months time, the general public is going to see gaming technology take a huge leap as Sony and Microsoft release their motion control systems for their respective consoles.  Now, it is my personal opinion that the technology behind these systems just isn’t ready for the gaming we do every day. When you look at the various games that have been demonstrated with the PlayStation Move and Kinect systems, you realize that these systems aren’t near as perfect as they say they are, nor are they worthy of all the hype they’re getting. 

For example, Ubisoft demonstrated a new fitness game for the Xbox 360 which uses the Kinect camera system to track your body’s motion as you exercise.  They designed a menu system which floats around you based on your height (which is measured by the camera).  They performed two demonstrations throughout E3 this year, and the same person played the game both times.  Between the demonstrations, it was discovered that the Kinect system has a margin of error when measuring things like height.  In the first demonstration the play was 5’6″, in the second they were 5’8″. 

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I would rather play a game with a motion controller that works.  I’d rather not wave my arms around like an idiot to get things done.  On that note, you do look rather funny to those sitting around you while you play games with motion controllers.
I imagine it’s more acceptable with the PlayStation Move, because you’re holding something.  With Microsoft’s Kinect system though, you have to pretend you’re holding a gun or bow and arrow, and then pretend that you’re shooting them.  To me, it’s quite difficult to have to pretend that you have all these things when in reality you’re moving about empty space.  I imagine it makes playing games like first person shooters extremely difficult.

So, those are my thoughts on kinetic controllers.  What do you think?  Drop us a message in the comments below!