PogoPlug Pro [Review]

For the last month I’ve been able to toy around with this new PogoPlug Pro. It is a very interesting device that I’ve used more often than I thought I would.

The PogoPlug Pro is your own personal cloud, allowing users to attach up to four external hard disk drives and be able to use them from inside their house, or anywhere were they have an internet connection. This network file server can now connect to your home network by way of Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The PogoPlug Pro is essential for any media users who want on demand streaming of their favorite music or videos.

The PogoPlug Pro is even more amazing because it lets users access their device from their mobile phones. On iOS there is the app, and on all other devices the simple web interface will have you connected to your PogoPlug in no time.

I did, however, run into some difficulty with the web interface of the device. Some settings and features that are only accessible in the web interface were hard to find and weren’t properly labeled. With some higher definition format videos I found that it chopped and froze in some places but was smooth overall. Also, with this new device, PogoPlug has integrated cloud printing, which I found very hard to be setup but was an interesting addition to the device.

Overall, I am impressed with the PogoPlug Pro, the features are nice and I’ve enjoyed having it and using it with my home network. There has been frequent occasions that I needed to get something stored on the drives connected to my PogoPlug Pro and I was able to quickly access it. It is nice to see an added wireless feature to the device, when an Ethernet cable isn’t always handy it is nice to just get it connected in the room that I want it to be connected in.

The bottom line, if you’re a media consumption geek who is always streaming movies, wanting to store files to access them remotely, or just have too many computers in your house to keep transferring everything when you want to switch computers take a look at the PogoPlug Pro for your solution. They retail for about $100 and it is well worth the investment.