How To Return A EA Origin Game



Although EA is known for being one of the worst company of the year (for multiple times consecutively), the company is trying to make its customers happy. One of the things that they are doing to allowing its users to return a game up to one week after purchasing the game (if they don’t like it). Titled, Great Game Guarantee, the service allows users to return a game within a week after purchasing the game and within 24 hours after you first launched the game.

To return a game you purchased from Origin, first make sure you purchased a applicable game (game published by EA currently) and make sure you live in an area that allows you to return a game from EA. Additionally, make sure you are within the 24 hour time frame from first running the game and within a week after purchasing the game. Checking your Order History on your Origin account will help you easily determine if you are can request a refund.

If you know you are eligible for a refund, click on the “Request a Refund” button on the products you can return, fill out and submit the request forum. A refund request will be sent to the “My Cases” section of your account. You can check the status of your refund in your Order History on your Origin account.

Currently, the option is only available to games that are published by EA and purchased through Origin, which means non-EA published games and DLC purchased from Origin is not eligible for a refund. In addition to the limitation of games that can be returned, only a handful of countries have the option to return a game, with more countries to follow.