Roku Reveals Video Game-Enabled Players

Roku, the popular content streaming device, has announced its new line of Roku players titled “Roku 2.” These new players have a more circular look with the same purple Roku tag on the side. The only big difference is in the remote, sold separately, will now have a more defined directional pad as well as buttons to the bottom half, “A” and “B.”

They are turned to the right so you play games holding the remote to the side. The new remotes utilize Bluetooth instead of IR. Other new features to the Roku 2 are 802.11n Wi-Fi as standard and a MicroSD card slot in the back. All of the features that made the Roku so popular retain to the new lineup, such as HDMI and composite ports standard so you can watch on a HDTV or an old TV, the prices of the line, and more than 250 media channels to choose from in the Roku store.

The new Roku will be able to play games such as Angry Birds, and more. The Roku 2 line is available in three different trims. The Roku 2 HD for $60 will get you up to 720p quality, the Roku 2 XD for $80 will get you 1080p, and the Roku 2 XS will get you 1080p and a USB port for playing content through a hard drive or thumb drive. The game remote will cost $30 extra. All of this should be available at retail by the end of July.