Social Media Comes to Xbox Live

In this last months update from Microsoft and Xbox Live, 3 social media sites were added to help your Xbox integrate with social media sites. Twitter, Facebook, and were added to the popular gaming console.

Twitter is one of the most requested apps for the Xbox. You can update, private message and do everything that you would be able to do on the regular Twitter website. It helps though if you have the Xbox keypad for the controller so you can type better and faster. I have enabled this feature on my Xbox and I think it is great, I was able to see all the incoming tweets from my followers and was able to see everything that I would on the normal site.

Another big feature added to the Xbox, is the ability to connect your Xbox to Facebook. With the Facebook app you can send updates to the site as well as see what others are updating too. In the first week of the Facebook app being aviable for the Xbox, Facebook reported a big spike in hits to the site. With the 10 million Xbox users, Facebook should be getting a lot more members over the nex month.

The last update brought to the Xbox is the integration with, for those of you who don’t know what is, it is a streaming music like Pandora. It was reported that with in the first week of the app being released 120 minutes of music were streamed to Xbox.

And there is one last minor update, the Xbox Live Marketplace was renamed Zune Marketplace.