Twitter Gets A Retweet

Last week Twitter released a long time feature requested by Twitter users, a retweet button. Normally if you want to retweet someone you would have to copy their tweet and add a “RT @username” at the beginning. This was usually a had task because sometimes it didn’t fit all the way or you missed something. Now this long time requested featured that everyone in the Twitter community has been released making it easier for everyone. This feature though comes at a bad time, there are already tons of online apps that people are using to retweet instead of the Twitter website. Such as CoTweet, TweetDeck, Twhirl, and blu to name a few. But this feature will be good for people who do use the website often and for people who post quick updates to login to the web. To access the retweet button on your twitter account, login and go to specific tweet and look in the bottom-right of the tweet and there will be a button labeled “retweet” press that and the tweet will automatically be copied to the tweet box where you can add your comments or publish it straight out to your followers.

Now all that is left for Twitter to release is the feature to notify me why some one @replies me. But that is for another post. What about you, what features do you want to see Twitter release?