TechWeekly Appearance

TechWeekly Appearance

I was recently invited to appear on a popular podcast called TechWeekly.
 I would just like to thank Nick and the rest of the PBCastTV staff for having me on. Below is the episode and show notes.


  • Verizon adds NFL Live for Next Season
  • CBS March Madness App for iPhone adds support on 3g and EDGE
  • iPad Orders Friday Rumor has 90,000 on First Day
  • What is SXSW?
  • Playstation Move
  • Aviary comes to Google Docs!
  • Engadget Reviews the Entourage Edge
  • Android Set top Dish Network Boxes with Google TV Programming Search
  • Steam comes to the Mac
  • Foursquare iPhone App Update
  • Foursquare and Starbucks Team Up for Heavy Users
  • Backflip will only run native Android Apps
  • PS3 on a push for 127M units…..if so outselling the Wii and the Xbox
  • Feel free to add more if you want!
  • Nexus One Adds ATT and Rogers 3g Bands



  • If you run a small buisness or a blog with multiple people try out Google Apps!

Video of the Week