U.S. House Votes Against Government Control of Internet

U.S. House Votes Against Government Control of Internet

In a unanimous vote at the United State House of Representatives today, they voted 397-0 to keep the internet from governmental control. This comes right as the United Nations commences the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Dubai. This union is meant to be meeting to update the rules and regulations set for the internet.

One of the discussions that the ITU is going to be discussing is the regulation of the internet on an international level. We already know that some countries regulate their internet by having blocked access to some sites, this meeting and discussion would bring into account a world level of regulation.

It is good to know that the United States believes in a free and open internet and hope they will make a very compelling argument at the ITU. The internet should be a free and open place, if we have world wide regulation of the internet that will be the end of free speech and voice.

In their resolution of the vote they stated:

Whereas the proposals would diminish the freedom of expression on the Internet in favor of government control over

Whereas the position of the United States Government has been and is to advocate for the flow of information free from government control; and

Whereas this and past Administrations have made a strong commitment to the multistakeholder model of Internet governance and the promotion of the global benefits of the Internet

We here at LogicLounge support a free and open internet, we hope that you will too.