Vimeo Announces Intergration With Dropbox

Vimeo Announces Intergration With Dropbox

After many user requests for the feature, the video sharing service, Vimeo, has finally integrated the cloud storage service Dropbox with their video sharing service. Vimeo has announced that they have teamed up with Dropbox to give the users the ability to upload their videos to their Vimeo account from their Dropbox folder.

Vimeo’s  CEO Kerry Trainor said that “integration within Dropbox is something our community wanted for a while,” and that  “this is another tool for them to upload and share their videos with friends and family, or the rest of the world.”

Based on the release information, Vimeo users will be able to add their Dropbox account on the upload page or in the account settings (should be under the “Connect with Facebook” and “Connect with Twitter” links). Once the two services are connected, a “Vimeo” folder will be installed onto their Dropbox folder so users can now get their videos uploaded automatically or still manually select which videos to upload. Additionally, Vimeo users can also store their original Vimeo videos on Dropbox.

Although Vimeo has partnered with Dropbox, it is not the first company partnerships. Vimeo had partnered with Microsoft before to allow Windows Movie Maker users to upload their videos or photo slide shows to Vimeo without the need to open a browser to upload a video.

Vimeo has also added additional features to their video sharing site in the recent update: like pause and resume uploads, and choosing any frame from the uploaded video as the thumbnail. In 2012 alone, the company has swapped CEO, redesigned its site, and launched apps for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.