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Virgin America Makes A Game Out Of Facebook And Foursquare Check-Ins

The fun Virgin America airline is working to make flying fun again for users of Facebook and Foursquare. The company has always been after a way to make flying more fun for its customers, and is trying a radical new philosophy for those waiting in the terminals.

Starting with the new Terminal 2 at the San Francisco International Airport the airline is bringing Facebook and Foursquare together to award badges to travelers who check-in. Some of the badges include “Ground Crew” which is awarded at your first check-in up to “Captain” at your 50th check-in. Along with badges, passengers will also be randomly awarded physical prizes such as T-shirts and even flight vouchers, based on the amount of check-ins you have.

For passengers wanting to grab up their badges and prizes consumers have to agree to the Facebook’s Terms of Service for the Terminal 2 Takeover app on Virgin America’s Facebook Page. Once passengers opt-in for the takeover they will be lead on a journey to find various surprises at the designated terminal check-in areas. Just like a life-sized video game on a scavenger hunt going to various checkpoints.

The San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2 opens Thursday and features a luxurious lounge, mood lighting, dining and elevated tables with outlets and Wi-Fi for the connected traveler.

View a tour of the new terminal:


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