What Makes People Want to Follow a Brand? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Brands are out there, they’re everywhere. They have all this marketing power over our TV and radio, but they can’t quite get a grasp on internet marketing. Sure they can pay an ad company to put advertisements all over the web for them, but they can’t just get a following from that.

We’re bombarded with advertisements day by day and it’s at the point where we just look past them and not really pay attention. To sell a product, a brand needs to have a firm following to build a user base and create content that their users will like and want to share with people they know.

Get Satisfaction has created this inforgraphic to hopefully help online brands build a better online presence.

Without a doubt, a positive online brand experience creates loyal customers. As several studies have discovered, the majority of consumers who engage with a brand in the digital space – whether by participating in a contest or by ‘liking’ a brand on Facebook – tend to not only purchase the products, but also make recommendations to their friends and family.

Click the image below for a bigger version.