Why Android is Better Than iOS [OPINION]

Why Android is Better Than iOS [OPINION]

Android and iOS are two incredibly popular mobile operating systems. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Those who know me personally are well aware of the fact that I am an Android fan. While many have their reasons for sticking with one platform or another, I have decided to share my reasons as to why I prefer Android over iOS.

Availability and Choice

Apple sells the iPhone. No other company in the world does. If one happens to favor the iOS experience, they best get their wallet out and head over to the Apple store if they need a new phone. I’m not particularly fond of buying an Apple iPhone for the rest of my life. It is for this reason that I prefer the variety of devices that run the Android OS.

Many iPhone users argue this point as being an advantage of the iOS platform. They believe that if Apple controls the hardware as well as the software, nothing can go wrong. While they are correct in the sense that it is less likely for problems to occur, iOS fans fail to recognize the fact that Google is doing the exact same thing. Android devices are made by Google, along with dozens of other companies around the world. If a company that produces my phone takes a wrong turn, I can simply purchase a device from another company rather than waiting another one-two years for an updated model to be released.

Google Has My Back

Google’s one of the good guys. They have made themselves quite clear as to their position on matters such as online censorship. They support various charities and have yet to be held accountable for any illegal or mischievous acts that may spark distrust throughout their users. Google has proven to be very passionate about the web. Apple, however, has yet to make themselves clear as to how they feel about these issues. While I’m using my Android devices, I know that none of my data is being collected by Google for malicious purposes. Apple, well, I have no idea what they might be up to. All I know is that they produce, market, and sell their products.


Many Android users have been beaten to death by the old “too poor for Apple” or “you pay for what you get” arguments. In reality, the majority of Android devices are simply priced reasonably. The unlocked 16GB model of the iPhone 5 costs Apple about $170 to build. Yet, retails for $650. That’s about 280% profit. Now would be an appropriate time to ask yourself if you really pay for what you get.

I know many of you have your own opinion on this subject. I’m certainly interested in learning your perspective. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think.