Why Should You Switch To A Mac?

Simple enough question, right? Well not as simple as you think it is. There is a couple of key questions that you must ask yourself when looking into getting a Macintosh computer. They are a bit pricey but it makes up for the price in the quality of the computer. Mac computers have been known to have the highest resale value 2, 3 or more years down the road. The computer is built to withstand daily use, unlike some other computers that when handled can easily be scratched or get broken. The build quality of these devices are amazing because of the process that Apple goes through before selling.

Not only on the inside of Mac computers is nice but all around it. Most of the Mac computers that come off the line today are in a brushed metal unibody construction. This is very useful for everyday use when, lets say going from class to class in college. The operating system that runs these devices is amazing. They have a low tolerance to catch and viruses or any type of spyware on the computer. Because of the strict monitoring of applications being put into the Mac it is a very safe product. I do recommend that all computers have anti-virus no matter what operating system your on.

I encourage everyone to stop by their nearest Apple store and try out these amazing devices. If you have a Mac leave a comment below and tell us what you hate and like about Mac.