Why Should You Switch To Windows?

Windows is the most popular operating system out there, no doubt about that. But, going beyond the fact that it’s on more computers worldwide, what else do we know about this operating system that would make a Mac user want to switch.

Windows has had their up and down moments as with every operating system out there. Windows XP was a major success, Windows Vista not so much. Now with Windows 7 we are really open to how powerful the Windows operating system is. This is the same for Apple’s Macintosh system, every computer company has their benefits and losses.

Windows has an amazing UI and is easy to navigate, both of the operating systems from Microsoft and Apple are easy to control and navigate. One of the most complicated things to do on a Mac system is update the software, sure the upgrade center is neat but Apple doesn’t release security updates as often as Windows.

Windows is a very strong and safe environment and all those stories that you see about Windows being unsafe is a lie. Like ANY operating system the user needs to be smart and know what is happening on their system. A very high percentage of the time a virus attacks a computer it’s because of user error and not the computer.

As we’ve said before, EVERY operating system should have some sort of anti-virus software on it, Apple is no exception.

Please let us know in the comments below about what you like/hate about the Windows operating system so that others can feed upon the knowledge.