White iPhone 4 Finally Here

After about a year of waiting, white iPhone lovers can rejoice. After a brief downtime Apple’s website now lists the white iPhone 4 as for sale. With the Apple online store launch, all Apple Store locations should have the white iPhone in stock for sale today, in both AT&T and Verizon flavors.

It is not surprise that functionality of the white iPhone 4 is the same as its sibling black version. The excitement is high for finally being able to get hands on the white iPhone. Apple is not known for delaying a device this far back, but the delay should be enough for Apple to rake in customers who’ve waited to get their hands on it.

Apple’s website lists the black iPhone 4 shipping time within 24 hours, while the white version shows that the device will ship in three to five business days. This could be because of the high demand for the device but could also mean that Apple hasn’t perfected the production process for it yet.

If trends shift the same way and the iPhone 5 keeps the glass screen we could only see the black version being launched sometime this summer.