Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 8

Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 8

In response to my article on why you shouldn’t buy Windows 8, I want to give you two sides to the story and tell you why you should upgrade to Windows 8. I’m doing this to let you undecided upgraders to take a look if Windows 8 is right for you. Before you attack me please read the other article and watch both of the videos, I’m not doing this to create controversy, I’m doing this to help you decide if you want Windows 8.

The biggest reason I feel people are outraged over Windows 8 is the radically different user expirence over what we are used to. There will always be outrage over change, no one likes change and will always rebel against it unless it is forced upon them. And even if it is forced upon them, it will take time for them to get used to the new interface and learn how to use it. Windows 8 is a pretty big learning curve if you’re coming from older Windows versions. When I first looked at Windows 8 I was very confused on where I was supposed to get to my start menu and get into all of the settings. It only took me a couple minutes of looking and clicking around before I finally got how the operating system.

On this new ‘metro’ interface I was suprised by this huge change, I thought at first that this was menant for a tablet interaface but as I got used to it I realize now that Microsoft is just using up that empty monitor space. If you think about it, how much of your monitor is actually used with icons and documents, the answer for a lot of people is not a lot. I can see now that Microsoft is just using all of your available screen space and giving you some interactivity.

These Charms that are introduced on this new interface are nice to use for anyone who wants quick information without looking for it. For example, the mail Charm shows me if I have mail in my inbox instead of having to check my mail application every couple of minutes or waiting for the popup notification.

Something that Windows 8 has that Windows 7 doesn’t have, is the store. You see every other operating system out there having a store for applications to easily find them, Windows was the only one not to have that. With Windows 8 we now have that and it’s easier to find popular applications that I want to use.

I believe that people just need to give Windows 8 time to become used to the new interface before they start judging it and calling it the worst operating system. Like anything, give it time and be open to learning and you might find it enjoyful.