Why You Shouldn't Buy an iPad mini [VIDEO]

Why You Shouldn't Buy an iPad mini [VIDEO]

If you’re thinking about buying an iPad mini, now might not be the time to get one yet. If you’re someone who loves high quality and expect that everywhere, even with your Apple devices, you’ll be sadly disappointed by the iPad mini. After receiving my iPad mini, I was excited that I had a smaller tablet running iOS but very unhappy that the screen quality wasn’t up to par with Apple’s quality standards.

Apple is known to always have high quality devices and are highly regarded after around the world. After being accustom to this and always expecting the best from Apple, this is not the case for the iPad mini. The main external factor for me and almost everyone else on the internet is the screen. When you can literally see the pixels, you know that something is wrong.

Apple is all about having retina this or retina that, but with the iPad mini there is no retina at all. I’m someone who owns an iPhone 4s and iPad 3rd generation, both with retina displays. I’m sad to say the quality isn’t there.

As for internals, I’m very disappointed to know that the iPad mini is running on worse hardware than my 3rd generation iPad. Through my testing, with general use you couldn’t see any degrade in quality but when I started playing intense 3D games I ran into quite a bit of lag. Anything overly intense graphics wise really too away from the quality of the device.

I believe the iPad mini came to the market just to get something out there to compete with the Nexus 7 and Apple wasn’t ready yet to release it. Right now, if you’re thinking about buying a iPad mini, don’t buy one. Wait for the 2nd generation to come out, hopefully by then the graphics will improve and come with the nice shiny retina display we’ve all come to expect.