Apple's Upcoming OS X 10.9 Rumored To Include Siri and Maps Integration

Apple's Upcoming OS X 10.9 Rumored To Include Siri and Maps Integration

As we come closer and closer to the day where Apple releases OS X 10.9, rumors are shuffling around that the newest operating system from Apple could have baked in Siri and Maps support natively. This would further integrate their mobile operating system, iOS, into their desktop operating system further merging the two powerful operating systems.

Sources over at 9to5Mac say, “early builds of OS X 10.9 integrate Apple’s Siri voice command software much like Apple’s newest iPad models running iOS 6.”

If this is the case, then our world just opened up to much more powerful voice commands at our finger tips in the Mac. We already know with OS X 10.8 there’s baked in voice recognition that looks a lot like Siri. We’re just waiting for the day where voice recognition starts to recognize commands and not just our voice input.

If Apple decides to be as picky with Siri on the Mac as it is on the iPhone, we may see only certain Macs run it, possibly the newest iteration of the Mac. Although, the voice recognition that runs on the same platform as Siri, is available on any computer that can run OS X 10.8.

In addition to Siri integration sources also say we might see Apple’s own mapping software build right into the Mac. Although, it hasn’t gotten the best recognition out there, Apple is still working on improving small minor bugs that people are complaining about. Apple will most likely let developers use the Maps to embed into their applications.

As we understand, OS X 10.9 was started around the same point as OS X 10.8, Apple has had to pick and choose which version gets what features and it looks like they’re saving Siri and Maps for 10.9.

Although developement is probably still happening, we probably won’t see a beta release until the beginning of 2013 and a final release around late summer time.