Will Windows 8 Compel Windows 7 Users to Upgrade?

Will Windows 8 Compel Windows 7 Users to Upgrade?

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It’s no secret that Microsoft has made many positive changes to the Windows 8 operating system. However, many bloggers and analysts are concerned for the future of Windows 8. The only way Microsoft is going to persuade Windows 7 users to upgrade is if they appeal to both tech-savvy users as well as tech-illiterate users. Microsoft has made a generally positive impression on the tech-savvy community. Although, I’m not sure many average computer users will be compelled to make the switch.

Windows 8 consists of many significant differences when compared to Windows 7. Many of these differences are within the interface of the operating system. These dramatic UI changes force users to re-familiarize themselves with the operating system. A familiar desktop environment is essential to users who are not as well versed with technology. For example, the lack of the start menu has already caused confusion for PC users. In this video, an elderly woman struggles just to complete some of the simplest tasks in Windows 8. While Microsoft may consider their new interface to be intuitive, in the desktop environment, it has proven to be just the opposite.

Other than the re-designed user interface, Microsoft does not have much else to offer inside of Windows 8. There are, however, some great under-the-hood improvements such as decreased boot times but I highly doubt that feature alone will have an influence on Windows 7 users and compel them to upgrade. If Windows 7 users are content with their current operating system, it’s highly unlikely that they will look upon Windows 8 and think of a reason to buy it. It’s likely that the same logic will also be used by businesses which will be the cause a major sales deficiency for Microsoft.

In conclusion, I do not think Windows 8 will be a compelling upgrade. Not only is it cumbersome to navigate, it possesses nothing that’s worth upgrading to. So, will you be upgrading to Windows 8? Why or why not? Please feel free to share your opinion by leaving a comment below.