YouTube Adds Animation Tools For Videos

We all can make a video and post it on YouTube, almost everyone does it. But, announced from YouTube, they are making it easy for you to make a video that pops by using animations and other new creation features. They have introduced three new products to help you and have teamed up with Xtranormal to bring these features to you.

This beta feature is called YouTube Create and can be found at where these programs can be found. YouTubers will be able to use Xtranormal, Stupeflix and GoAnimate to make videos for the popular video sharing site.

If users are lacking a camera and advanced skills to make videos they don’t have to fear anymore. Creating a hit YouTube can be done with ease for users who lack editing skills.

If you reading this and wondering what all this is, GoAnimate and Xtranormal allow users to make animated videos with prepackaged characters, sounds, scenes and more. Stupeflix lets users make awesome slideshows from your photos, clips, pictures and other forms of media you have laying around.

Check it out for yourself and add making an animated video to your résumé.