Youtube Adds On Demand Movie and TV Show Rentals

To be in competition with iTunes and Netflix, YouTube recently expanded their movies and show libraries to offer to be watched for a small rental fee.

With a payments to Youtube account with Google Check-Out, users are now able to rent movies and TV shows to watch on Youtube. Although they just released this feature, this is not just the first time they did this. On January, Youtube tested the feature with some free movies and shows. Ranging between 99 cents for shows to $3.99 for movies, users are able to watch their paid movies or shows for 2 days (48 hours) since the initial start of renting. Even though YouTube are now showing movies and shows for a small rental fee, their library mostly contain documentaries, anime shows, and a few blockbuster movies. Although YouTube has some movies and shows available to rent, I doubt there will be a real competition against apple and Netflix until they get some good movies and shows and recently released on DVD movies from movie makers like Sony and Warner Bros films. Until they get some blockbuster movies, they won’t get a lot of profit from the rentals of movies and shows.