Intel's Shortages of Arrandale Processors

With a high demand for Intel’s Arrandale processors, reports are saying there is a shortages on the processors. Intel’s Arrandale processors for laptop, including a couple of the Core i3 and i5 processors, are in a shortage causing some vendors to delay their release of their laptops (Like Toshiba, Asus, Apple, Dell, etc.). Reports from Yahoo News reports that the shortages caused buyers of the Arrandale Processors to pay a 20% premium over the contracted price. With the spike in cost of the processors, vendors may delay the release of new laptops by around or more than three months, from the research firm CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets. With the shortages of Intel processors, laptops with AMD processors may be more in the market. Yahoo News is reported that

Intel is moving quickly to increase production at new factories that make chips using 32nm production technology.

With the shortages of Intel processors, this mostly affects the smaller vendors and not the larger vendors for the chips.  The shortages of Intel processors may be a reason why there are rumors of AMD processors may be in Apple computers.