YouTube Bumping Up The Upload Limit

Since YouTube’s launch, if you weren’t a partner, your limit of uploading videos was 10 minutes. Boing Boing has gotten some wind that in the coming future we will see YouTube increase the limit to 15 minutes.

Originally there were only two ways to break the upload thresh mark. Either be a YouTube partner or have been a member of YouTube long enough before Google bought them and have a director account. It is good news for people like us and others who upload videos regularly and want a bit longer to get their point across. This is just the next step among many that YouTube is taking to get users interacting more and have fun with the video producing.

Along with the 15 minute upgrade Boing Boing also announced that YouTube is most likely going to have some competition with it. But, again this is a rumor and the details are not clear and there is no time frame on when this is happening.

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