Amazon Releases Social Game - Living Classics

Amazon Releases Social Game - Living Classics

Today in an interesting release, Amazon released their own game titled, Living Classics from their new division Amazon Game Studios. Where a family of foxes explore a fairy tale universe of Alice in Wonderland, King Arthur, and The Wizard of Oz.

The game is simple and straight forward for the most part. You have to click on all of the moving things on the map. A smiple find game that will keep you addicted for hours finding everything that moves. As you move through the levels you can level up to find the rest of your fox family in all of the different worlds.

It looks like a very high quality game with gameplay value that will last into the future. Being a free-to-play game you can go on Facebook right now and play this game to compete with your friends and family for the highest score. Who knows, this could be the next Farmville on Facebook if Amazon keeps this up.

Already only a couple hours after release there has been some high feedback on the game calling it a great game that everyone can play. Amazon Game Studios said in an announcement:

We know that many Amazon customers enjoy playing games – including free-to-play social games – and thanks to Amazon’s know-how, we believe we can deliver a great, accessible gaming experience that gamers and our customers can play any time.

Below we’ve embedded the release video from Amazon’s official YouTube channel giving a promo to see what’s to come in this game. We’re super excited to see what it and hopefully many other games from Amazon Gaming Studios has to offer.