Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit Escalates

Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit Escalates

While Apple and Samsung are in court in San Jose, California fighting a patent war with each other, it brings some new information that was a secret before.

Most of the trial right now is how Apple came up with the iPhone and the iPad in an attempt to prove that Samsung has stolen their designs and copied it. In the first few days of the patent trial, Apple has publicly told the court and media how it created the iPhone, described the details of its product team and the iPad and showed the early prototypes of the device. On the other side, Samsung is trying to demonstrate that their devices are different from Apple designs and that Apple was inspired by Sony.

Scott Forstall, senior vice president who oversees the software used on the mobile devices, described how extensive it got in the beginning of “project purple”, more known as the iPhone. He described the extra securities that were added on the floor where the devices were being built, which include more badge scanners, cameras, and cheeky signage on doors.  He also said that Steve Jobs would not let him hire anyone from outside the company to work on the user interface of the product, which resulted to find “superstars in the company saying he is starting a secret project and needed help.

In court, Apple also showed many prototypes of the iPhone and iPad, including a diagonally cut iPhone and a iPod shaped iPhone and even a bigger iPhone running on a Pentium M processor.

There was also reports that said that Google warned Samsung not to copy Apple after saying that the Galaxy S “looked like it copied the iPhone too much” and that “innovation [was] needed” since it “losely resemble the iPhone shape so as to have no distinguishable elements.”

As of right now, it is mainly the opening session of the trail. More information that was a secret will come out sooner or later.