American Censorship - Internet Blacklist Bill [INFOGRAPHIC]

American Censorship - Internet Blacklist Bill [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yesterday was American Censorship day and symbolized the day of which Congress looked at the internet censorship bill that would give content creators a virtual switch to shut down a website if they detected even a hind of infringement on their rights.

This bill is a major contradiction to the first amendment of the United States, which gives us the right to free speech. On their website American Censorship declares that the internet will never be the same again if the bill passes.

The bill is backed by all of the major content creators including the record labels and movie studios. The passing of this bill would make a minor infraction, such as singing a pop song on Facebook, and turn it into a felony and face fines and jail time because of it.

Check out the infographic below to find out the impact if this bill is passed. It doesn’t look pretty and the impacts will put many people out of business who use the internet at a means for a living.

Click on the image below for a larger version