Android's Horrible Update History [INFOGRAPHIC]

Android's Horrible Update History [INFOGRAPHIC]

Android is one of the biggest mobile operating systems out there providing a rich user interface and usability while being totally open source. The open source-ness of Android has caused many problems with manufactures taking a core Android operating system and modifying it for their phone.

This causes fragmentation between versions and phone makers who produce custom Android-based phones might not update the system when a new major version of Android is out. Google has almost no control over Android because of the open system of it, users frequently get angry with this because they’ll never know when their phone will go out of date and won’t be able to update to the next major release.

Apple on the other hand has been a lot better at this, they’ve been able to build the iOS platform to be backwards compatible with their phones for up to three years. While you’re lucky to get a year out of your Android phone before it won’t update.

We’re not bashing Android on their phones because some of them are amazing and true iPhone competitors. No, we’re bashing manufactures who put their own custom touch on a mobile system and forget to update it when a new major release is out.

Check out the inforgraphic below to see what we mean.

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