Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 3


Apple is readying up iOS 5 and is gearing up for another major release of the iOS mobile software. Today beta 3 has been pushed out to the iOS developers for one of the final tests before it goes live to the public.

As we remember at WWDC 2011, Jobs said sometime July we would see both major updates for iOS and OS X. Developers will have a hay day with this beta, poking and prodding around to see what Apple has hidden in the code. If anything good comes about, it should be out shortly knowing the talented iOS developers out there.

Taking a quick look though the new beta update not much seems to have changed visually. Everything seems intact, except for some more toggle controls of location services that include voice roaming settings. On a side note, the gears icon in the settings has been changed slightly but nothing beyond that. There might not be anything visually different about this download, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and get it. Besides, it’s whats inside that matters.

Oh one last thing, for all you jailbreakers, the newest version can still be jailborken the same way and hasn’t been fixed as of yet.