Apple To Attend Black Hat Conference

Apple To Attend Black Hat Conference

While Apple has usually hold their own events in the San Francisco Bay Area, Apple is going to the Black Hat conference this year….. Wait WHAT?

On the Black Hat schedule of events, Apple Platform Security Manager, Dallas De Atley, is expected to speak focusing on “key security technologies in iOS”. This is the first official appearance in a non-Apple orientated conference by the company.

This may be a sign that Apple is stepping up on security that it has never been before. As more and more people are relying on mobile devices storing their data, security on mobile devices are a main concern. Before, Apple said that they were not vulnerable to virus and malware. Though in the recent years, Apple is pulling back those sayings.

In the recent months, a iOS malware was discovered in the “Find and Call” app in which the app tricked users to upload their entire contact list to a remote server in which the server sends spam SMS messages to the numbers. This is after the Flashback Trojan infected thousands of Mac computers earlier this year.

As of right now, it sounds like the talk by Apple will not provide any useful things for attendees at the conference. Apple is very strict on what they can talk about as any thing they talk about is required to go through clearance by marketing. Other than the marketing team approving the official visit, the talk sounds like what people know now.

Though Apple being in a hacker conference ……. a large technology corporation at a hacker conference. The jokes write themselves.