Avatar Movie Review

Back in December 2009 Avatar was released in theaters and I neglected to go to the movie because it was over two hours long. Well I was wrong, this is possible one of the best movies I have seen to date. I have found nothing wrong with this movie. The storyline was superb there is nothing else like it that I have found that is that good. It was thrilling and adventurous. Even though this is a sci-fi movie it doesn’t overdue it. This movie has the right proportion of adventure, romance, and drama. I am a big movie critic, I have taken a couple writing about media classes and know what to look for in movies.
If you want to get into technical aspects I found camera angles were excellent. The extreme camera angles during fighting scene made you felt like you where there watching the action and during the more romantic scenes the camera angles are smooth and find just the right angles to show their emotions.
For a major CG movie like this the graphics felt very real and life like. With many CG movies you see lack in graphic and rendering, but with Avatar you see none of this. This movie has the best graphics that I have ever seen.
Overall I give this movie a MAJOR two thumbs up. I cannot say anymore about this because this movie is just so good, words cannot describe it.