AT&T Insurance Program for the iPhone

There have been pictures over at BGR showing that AT&T will be soon releasing a insurance program for the iPhone. Unlike other service on the market that insures the iPhone, this is offered by the carrier. The service soon to be available for iPhones is called “MobileProtect” and all it is a insurance program that will be run by Asurion, and offered by AT&T. The one thing that is nice is that the service is bought through the App Store and upon buying it, it will bill it to the credit card that is filed through Apple. Although the service sounds good, the price is rather quite heafty at $13.99 a month with a deductible scaling from $99 to fix the 8 GB iPhone 3G to $199 to fix the 32GB iPhone 3GS. If calculated, a yearly service will cost you $167.88 a year without paying the deductible to fix the phone. Although this may sound like a lot, it does not compare to paying about $700 to buy a new iPhone 3GS off-contract from apple and AT&T, at which most people will best wait for the next iPhone to be released by Apple.