Back To The Mac Recap

The main focus on Apples release today was to focus away from their mobile devices to the Mac. Apple unveiled several new products for both desktop and laptop computer users.

Mac OS X Lion

Well here it is, something that was given away on Apple’s Back To The Mac invitation cards. This new version of OS X will add many interface improvements that focus greatly on the multitouch functionality. Apple also announced that they will have support for full-screen experiences, one-click app downloads.

FaceTime for Mac

As released in an earlier post, FaceTime for Mac allows you to make video calls not just to other Macs, but to the FaceTime-enabled devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPod touch.

New MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air exchanges processing power for thinness. And to put it into simpler terms think of it as an iPad with a keyboard.

iPhoto ‘11

As part of the Apple iLife ‘11 suite, this new enhanced version of iPhoto included with all new Macs and available as an upgrade for existing Mac owners at $49. Some of the exciting new features include new full-screen modes and better social network integration.

App Store for Mac

One of the biggest announcements from Apple is the introductions of an App Store for Mac. App Store for Mac will act similarly like the App Store on their mobile products, by offering developers a new way to reach customers, and helping users find the best apps out there.