Boxcar iPhone Notifications App [Review]

Currently the iPhone has a horrible notification system, there is no way to manage all of your social networks into one Push Notification that you can view at anytime. The bottome line with the iPhone is that any Push Notification that comes in overrides another one. That’s why Boxcar is a essential app for anyone who wants to get all of their Push Notifications in one vital app.

The Boxcar developers have recently come out with a major over haul with a new version 4.0 of the app. The new design makes everything easier to manage and more visually appealing from the previous versions. For example, notifications from Twitter now show up complete with the user’s profile picture. And you can retweet or reply to any of those message right from within the Boxcar app.

With version 4.0 it brings many new services to the applications including Google Buzz, Google Voice, Github, App Recommendations. You might be looking at the app recommendations and might think it is a 3rd party service but these App Recommendations are done by Boxcar themselves.

Boxcar is a free download in the App Store (though it’s $4.99 if you wish to disable in-app advertising). You can find it here.