LogicWeekly 06: Groped By The TSA

It’s been in the news all over the place, being groped by the TSA at airports. Everyone is wondering if you should opt-out of the TSA full body scan or do the scan. As both Craighton and Dan explain it is both a loose-loose situation. LogicWeekly is also going over some more Facebook news with the involvement of MySpace. And a very famous music band lands in the iTunes music store.

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Hosts: Craighton Miller and Dan Wood

This show is sponsored by Audible

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  • It’s Official: The Beatles Now on iTunes – LINK
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  • You Can Now Log in to MySpace with Facebook – LINK
  • Sand Glass traffic light concept: it’s about time – LINK
  • Orlando Airport Kicks Out The TSA – LINK
  • Chinese Tweeter Arrested on Wedding Day for Tweeting Joke – LINK
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s College Website Sells for $30,000 – LINK
  • YourName(R) – Trademark Protection is Coming to Social Networks – LINK