Carrier Unlocking Tool Now Available For iPhone 4

Unlike other countries offering unlocked versions of the iPhone 4. US based iPhones are locked down to AT&T. Fortunately for users, there is a unlock tool. The iPhone Dev-Team has finally approved and released Ultrasn0w, a carrier unlocking tool for the US based iPhone 4 users who are stuck with AT&T.

Unlocking the phone is easy, the user must first jailbreak the phone. Easily enough there is a website called JailBreakMe that will jailbreak the phone with just a swipe after going to the site. Upon jailbreaking the phone you must install Cydia on the phone, after that is installed the user must add the Ultrasn0w repository source ( to the Cydia store, then search for “ultrasn0w 1.0-1“, and install the app. After installing the app, the user needs to reset the iPhone and the phone will then become fully unlocked.

DISCLAIMER: Jailbreaking is used under your own discretion. Logiclounge, JailBreakMe, nor the iPhone Dev-Team is not responsible for the damages or loss of important data or functionality upon jailbreaking the phone and installing the unlocker tool.