CES 2012 Preview [VIDEO]


CES 2012 is here and starts January 10, in preparation for this massive consumer electronics show we’ve taken some of the hottest rumors and previews and give you a more in depth explanation of them all.

  • LG is rumored to be previewing a phone powered with an Intel chip instead of the normal ARM processors.
  • Nokia released their new Windows Phone 7 over in Europe and the release is rumored to be held during the show this year.
  • Google TV will also be giving us a glimpse into the future of the television industry.
  • FujiFilm has what looks to be a micro 4/3 camera that should bring competition to all the other micro 4/3 camera makers out there.
  • Ubuntu has a huge rumor going around that they will be releasing a Ubuntu powered TV or even phone.
  • LG has a gigantic announcement coming out with a 4K resolution TV. 4K is basically 4 1080p resolutions put together that equates to 4096 × 3112 pixels.
  • The big television technology that everyone is looking at this year is OLED. Organic Light Emitting Diod is the next technology for televisions.
  • Vizio, the big TV manufacture is looking to release a computer to compete with the other manufactures.
  • Ultrabooks will most likely be making a huge splash at the show.
  • Canon is said to be releasing new and improved lenses to their lineup
  • Announced recently the Nikon D4 will be hopefully on display at the show.