Creative Vado HD Impressions

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Creative Vado HD 3rd Generation. I have been very happy with this pocket camera, especially the wide angle lens and build quality. From the first point that I pick it up it feels incredibly sturdy but light.

Some improvement from the previous generation is a newer recording format of MP4. This new format makes the output great for both Mac and Windows computers. An interesting feature added in this generation is the external plug located at the top of the pocket video camera, this plug not only allow you to listen but plug in an external microphone to get the best sound quality.

The 3rd generation Vado lets you choose from 3 different video recording formats; VGA standard definition quality which lets you record 4 hours of video, HD mode which lets you record for 2 hours, and HD+ enabling you to record the highest definition possible at just about an hour of recording time

After taking this camera around with me I found a couple of things that I don’t really like about the 3rd generation Vado. First and foremost the finish on the pocket camera is glossy so all of your oil residue from your hands and smudges that you put on the camera will show up. Another very difficult feature to get around is the way that your only real button that you have on the camera is the record button. The rest are touch sensitive buttons that I found incredibly hard to not accidentally touch while recording and navigating the camera.

Overall I love the camera and picture that it turns out. All the colors are amazing and the the ability to add an external microphone makes the camera that much better. Although the touch sensitive buttons can be a little tricky the quality of the video and use of the camera makes up for that.