Dissecting Justin Bieber [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dissecting Justin Bieber  [INFOGRAPHIC]

Justin Bieber just celebrated his 5th year on YouTube and being a music sensation among teenage girls for the last years. The 17-year-old international pop star Justin Bieber became popular thanks to his mother who, 5 years ago, uploaded the first video of her son.

For most young to teenage women she is the best mother on the earth, for everyone else it seems he’s the devil. The world is filled with both sides of the spectrum for this young pop star.

Rap star Usher signed Bieber to a record label in 2008 and the young pop star just took off. He joined Twitter and quickly gained millions of Twitter followers, he jumped on Facebook and even more people like his Facebook page over there too. At the look of things, he’s just warming up. Justin’s life is still young and he just keeps getting more and more intertwined with music.

Social media agency Crisp Social, has created an infographic taking a look back at the start to present day of Justin Bieber.

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