Droid Experiencing Antenna Problems

Apple still can’t get past the fact that they had an engineering flaw about the antenna; now, they’re attacking the Droid X.  Saying that it has the same flaw, (except it’s in a total different spot, which I’m pretty sure nobody uses).

The “Death Grip” for the Droid X is having three fingers on the left side, with the your thumb on the right, while also having your pointer finger on the top.  I don’t know about you guys, but have you ever held your phone like this? Or have you ever seen anyone hold their phone like this? Doubt it.  Most people hold their phone with three fingers on the left side (right side if left handed) and their thumb on the right (left for left handed people).  Or, the same way as the iPhone antenna flaw position.

Why doesn’t Apple just admit that their phone has a problem, and move past it?  Not dodging the issue for weeks, than admitting that they have a slight problem, but oh, “the bumper will fix it.”  Every company will have engineering problems in the product, so accept it, and fix it.

Yes, most phones now-a-days do have a problem with holding a phone, but it’s not in the position where most people hold it.  That’s probably why the white iPhone keeps getting delayed, they’re trying to fix it.  Why does Apple have to be so sneaky in what they’re doing, they should just say “we’re delaying the release of the white iPhone cause we want to fix the flaw.”