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How To Enable Kiosk Mode In Windows 8.1


Windows 8.1 comes with a bunch of new updated features. One of the features is making Windows 8 a kiosk station with Kiosk mode. But to make the machine suited as a kiosk station, there are a couple of things you need to do before enabling Kiosk mode.

To enable kiosk mode in Windows 8, you first need to be logged into an administrator account. After verifying that you are logged in as an administrator, you need to create a new account with limited user privileges. In the desktop, press [Windows Key] + C to bring up the charms bar. When you see the charms bar come up, click on “Settings” and a settings bay will pop out.

Click on “Change PC settings” and a settings screen will come up into the screen. In the settings screen, click on Users, then User accounts, then click “Add a user” and follow the steps on creating an account. While creating an account, be sure to create an account with limited privileges rather creating an account with administrative privileges and be sure to create a local account rather than a Microsoft account.

After creating an account with limited privileges, log out of the administrator account and login to the account with limited user privileges. During this process, Windows will finalize all of the user environments. After successfully logging into the account, log out of the account and log back into the administrator account (all we needed to do was let Windows finalize all of the user environments which required no steps from you).

When you are in the administrator, go back into the PC settings screen (by pressing  [Windows Key] + C to bring up the charms bar, then click on “Settings” and a settings bay will pop out, and click on “Change PC settings”) and click Users, then lockdown.

Select which account you want to set as the kiosk users and choose which apps you want to immediately launch. When you are done with your selection log out of the administrator account and log in to the account you set it as the kiosk account and the app you selected in the settings should load immediately.

It is wise to make sure the administrator account has a password on it to prevent unauthorized access to the account and other apps you don’t want people to use.


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